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The best places to get Adsense ads to increase income

Google Adsense is known as one of the best PPC network to make money on the Internet by displaying their ads on our website or blog . It is also the most well-known bloggers and this is the main source for many bloggers to monetize a blog. When you start the program with newbies AdSense, they do not know how much use it effectively and they put ads on the wrong places that they're losing revenue . If you are also a beginner in AdSense and do not know what are the best places where you can place AdSense ads and increase your earning , then do not miss guide newbies . In this guide, we're going to know the best places for ads to increase the gain .

1. Header [468x60 / 728x90]

Primarily for AdSense ad is in the head . Is known as the place of gold because it will help us to make 50 % of the total profits of the advertising slot . The reason, the head of our blog by everyone without scrolling down , and visitors will also see the announcement there . At the top , we can get high impressions and clicks on the ads because this is the most attractive place in the whole blog . Ad sizes are recommended for capital and 468x60 728X90. Put any one of these banner size here , which should be suitable with your blog . The demo , now you can see a banner ad at the top of 728X90 we have which will also help to increase profits. Also choose text or display advertising on a large scale , which will be dependent on the background of the head.

2. Below Post Title [300x250 / 336x280]

After the head , we have another place of bloggers most commonly used pro- second ad on the blog . So , this place is under another title . Should appear only this declaration within the last and only on the home page , it will look ugly . If you check other blogs that have AdSense ads with high gain and then this thing you will notice that there is always a kind of declaration under another title in the blog . As is the case in place of the head , and here we also get high impressions and clicks on the ads because of this announcement will be close to the content and visitors come to the blog to get the content. Therefore , it increases the chances of getting more clicks and increase revenue. The size of the announcement of this place depends on the theme or design of your blog , but the recommended sizes are 300x250 and 336x280 ....

3. Between Content or Posts [468x60 / 300x250]

Add AdSense ads in between content or posts from your blog is also the most popular now because most bloggers supporters used this place. This is also the best place for the ads as visitors will see that because that certainly will appear between the content and your visitors needs content . Here we can also get a good number of clicks on the ads as will be seen by every reader . Sizes recommended for this are the 468x60 300x250 , but you should choose the size that should be appropriate with the site and subject. If you provide the content of the text and then I recommend you to use a kind piece is out there that will help you get more clicks . There is a plugin for WordPress that you can use to display ads between content but for the blogger , we have a code technology that can do that , and will share here soon .

4. Sidebar [300x250 / 300x600]

Google Adsense allows us to place ads only three on the current page if you add more then they will not display there, but if you have a premium account publisher Adsense then we can offer at least four ads in a single page and up three places are perfect if you are the publisher of the ordinary. If you are a publisher distinct, and want to show four ads in your blog, then the sidebar is the perfect place for the unity of the fourth century. There are recommended sizes 300x250 300X600 which will help you to earn more clicks. This one is also ideal for the emergence of high, views and clicks as well.

What About Three Columns Blog?

Well, if you are using a three-column theme or template on your blog, then you may be confused in adding ads to the right places, then let me help you for this purpose. Blog in three columns, you can add advertising for the first time in the head, and the second under another title, between the third and fourth posts in any sidebar. If you do not like this ad placement then we have also another idea for you. So, add the ad at the top of the first, and the second in the left sidebar, and the third in the sidebar right below the fourth Jobs / content.

What To Avoid?

Most beginners in a great hurry to be a billionaire with a new AdSense account but it is not easy to earn a high income with AdSense program in just a few days . It will take a lot of time to build up your blog traffic. Traffic is the most important of which will help you to monetize your blog . Therefore, in an attempt to focus on the regular blogging , and so did the proper SEO . Therefore, in this kind of a hurry , and most bloggers use pop-up ads on their own blog , which is not good for them . Yes , I know it will help you to generate more income , but this is against the terms and conditions of Google AdSense. Therefore, in an attempt to avoid the use of pop-up ads [ specifically in AdSense] otherwise there is a chance to get your account disabled ....


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