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Top 20 alternatives to Google AdSense - High Paying

Began to call this search by bloggers and publishers when you're tired of getting rejection letters over and over again . Therefore, if you are one of them do not miss this post below because you'll be getting some high- paying alternatives to Google AdSense.As itself proves that Google AdSense is the best advertising platform in the world where both advertisers and publishers are busy and happy in the ads . Most novice bloggers depends only on the AdSense for monetization , while not as good and the application of their own blog to get approved AdSense account also . On the other side , Adsense network is growing day by day and its policies are also being very strict that newbies are unable to get the account approved . Even in some cases are rejected those blogs which also corresponds with the policies of Adsense , but has the option to make its own publisher person or not.So , newbies get disappointed in that moment and lose hope in making money with blogs. But wait , the world does not end here , take a little of the usual example of everyday life. When you buy something at any store ; only assume from the mobile phone , which is not available on this shop than you do at that time? Maybe you go to another shop as you would in the mobile market . Therefore, if AdSense is does not give you ads for monetization , which can go for other alternatives . Well, may be new and do not know about other alternatives so here is a list of some of the alternatives to AdSense with some information .

  1. Chitika

Chitika is also popular and the best alternative to AdSense . Chitika is almost the same as AdSense , but some things are changing in chitika . If you are a publisher account and to follow your blog out there and that advertising would need to take . And the most relevant ads appear on your blog and if you click on your ads will begin to pay . Things Chitika has developed a pop-up ads , and advertising frames and some types of ads the more you earn additional income that will help . PayPal is looking not for you , then check to make payment by check, payment method, which can be used , are made easily with PayPal.

2.   Peerfly

Peerfly something that could help you earn a high budget in less traffic. This is quite different from all of the above networks and also from AdSense. It's a completely different alternative Adsense . Is a CPA ( cost per action ) advertising network of international subsidiaries to pay you to work . First, you'll need -based account of there , and you can browse the different type of branch offers there . It is international and it has all the class of presentations so you'll need to browser specialized offerings related to your own. After finding any offer related with blog your niche than you can promote this offer on your blog by putting a banner , send e-mail messages allocated for blog readers , blog post , etc., and when any of the reader will take action to this offer! I suppose it 's just to buy something and the reader makes a purchase than you will get paid easily..

3.   InfoLinks

People also use InfoLinks to monetize their textual content . We bloggers and most of them are writing articles on different ports until InfoLinks is only for content sites as text ads is something related to that. After obtaining the approval and implementation of the ad code in your blog , ads will appear differently . After adding the code , and when you will check your blog , and some of the words in text content containing links to it. In fact, in this network advertising , display ads on the content of the text that will convert some of the words with links to the relevant announcement is also not the same scenario . Therefore, when readers will be reading your articles and click on the advertising links that you have to pay .


Known as Yahoo Bing Network Contextual advertising also known as, because they have a contract between . You can also earn money from your blog with by displaying their ads on your blog . This is a CPM (cost per mile ) or RPM ( revenue per mile ) network ads that pay you for a tendency of appearing on the ads only . As usual, you need to apply first and get approval from the implementation of the Declaration of codes for your blog to start monetizing your blog. In the reports , and you'll get the RPM that gets automatically set and high RPM depends on the quality of the traffic. If you get 1000 impressions of the ads you will get this price RPM RPM lets assume that is $ 1. If RPM is $ 2 and get a 5000 ad impressions you will earn $ 10.

5.    BuySellAds

BuySellAds is one of the best Google AdSense alternative which you can use for to monetize your blog. This is little different from adsense but you can make even more money from this than adsense. First, you'll need to apply for a publisher account and once approved than you're ready to go. There you'll need to create ad slots of your blog and your blog will be listed in BuySellAds directory. There advertisers can look your blog and if someone is interested than that advertise may buy any ad slot of your blog for 30 days or some months. The price is fixed of every slot. The more traffic you've, you can increase the ad slot price yourself and the more you'll earn.

Other AdSense Alternatives

  • Clicksor:

In the text of the application, text banners, display, pop up ads and interstitial types can be found in this network. The minimum threshold of $ 50 and the time of payment is net 15 days.
  • Qadabra:

Display ads only Qadabra him and pushes in the CPM. The minimum threshold of $ 1 only with PayPal and $ 500 with a wire transfer

  • Link Worth
This network has many kind of targeted ads, including text, display, and also sponsored posts in the text. Payments are made after every 30 days and the minimum is $ 25 with PayPal and $ 100 with a wire transfer.

  • AdSide
Target text, mobile, in, image, and video, and the types of pop-unders advertising with $ 50 minimum payment with check.

  • BlogAds

Banner ads direct sale and purchase of the network where you can sell your own ad slots for a period of 30 days. Prices slide ad is your choice and the amounts paid with Paypal and wire transfer.

  • Tribal Fusion

It seems that the best ad network CPM and the ideal alternative to Adsense. High profits to being a member of this network may be difficult. Minimum payment is $ 100 with Paypal and wire transfer.

  • Casale Media

This is also the basis of CPM ad network that pays for impressions. It can be a perfect Adsense alternative for you if you get approved, but there are only select high traffic sites. $ 25 minimum payment with PayPal and check.

  • ShareASale

Cost Per Action on ad networks affiliate paid on the completion of this work.

  • Exit Junction
Display Network pop-under ads that are displayed based on when the leaves any visitor pop-up ads your site to come and pay when someone clicks on the ads.

  • Kontera 

Network-based CPC ads that contains the text, and mobile display ads. Minimum Minimum pay $ 50 with PayPal, wire and check payment methods.


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