Monday, April 8, 2013

Windows 8 Tips and Tricks

Personalize your tiles

It found and displayed as sizes, adjusting their Home screen tabs to maximize Windows.

1. Tiles can click and drag to move the piece. Start your screen when you need a broader perspective, moving a tile top or bottom of the screen to zoom out by moving chips.

2. It moves from left to right through the tab to use the mouse wheel.

3. Click a shortcut icon or a desktop program and select Pin to start early on the screen can be pin.

4. Start at the bottom right of the screen with a magnifying glass tile is an enlarged view of the home screen to get the icon, click on it. If you click on a group of tabs that I think, you associated a tab group (eg, games) can be useful if the group will be given the option of naming. In this view, click and drag a group to organize groups of tiles can.

5. Accelerate the swelling tiles of a tile to move between groups to create a new flash drive.
Right clicking and selecting tile resize any user tile or tiles resize Live.

6. Would you like your taskbar when the tile right-click and select Pin to Taskbar.

7. Begin by clicking Settings in the Application Manager screen, click Settings, and yes, any change management tools.

8. Internet Explorer 10, which begins its screen to your favorite web pages can set any.

keyboard shortcuts
Minimum Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts Windows 8 will know your experience much more enjoyable. Windows 8 hotkeys, above all, try to memorize.
Switch to desktop screen or the start button (and Open) to open windows.
Press the Windows key + D will open the Windows desktop.
Press the Windows key +. Pin and unpin applications from the Windows screen.
Press the Windows key + X users who want the most features (for example, the device manager and commands) provides access to many power users to open the menu.
Press the Windows key to open the C +.
Press the Windows key + concentration found in the same settings, aperture settings.
+ Tab to show open applications, press and hold the Windows key.
Automatically in the folder 'My Pictures' is saved in a screenshot, print screen to create press the Windows key +.
Taking advantage of search

Compared with the previous version of Windows Search in Windows 8 is much better.

When you start typing, the results appear on the left side will start. Find files and programs, as well as be able to run search applications, such as financial support to limit the search, people, maps, photos, email, music, videos, weather, and more. What we are seeking is not a file or program to use the application search button. Your search "New York" and was selected for application of time if, for example, New York, will show the time in New York.

By default, the search in alphabetical order used and maintained the frequency of the applications available. Search at the top of the list you want to keep favorite application, click the application and select pin. Is used to build the application, regardless of the frequency is locked in place.

your hot corners
Its curved corners and hot screen gives you access to several features of Windows. Next, a brief description of each of these corners is.

Lower left corner

The bottom left of the screen hot corner of the desktop screen appears, then, from the corner of the home screen desktop opens, it will allow access to the home screen.

Tip: Click on the user menu in the left corner will open.

Top left corner of the screen

And move the mouse to the upper left corner show all applications running on the computer. And click on the left or right side of the screen to any of these applications by dragging it to the screen breaks applications. Each of these icons of open applications too close or you can right-click the call button.

The right side of the screen

On the right side of the screen to access Windows shall be given attention.