Monday, April 8, 2013

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How to Keep Your PC Safe Online

1. Windows Update
Such as office: ordinary other Microsoft software Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer and solve security problems with releases free download. In this guide, you can get important updates, explains how.

2. Install a Firewall
A good firewall: ZoneAlarm, such as access to the Internet without your permission, prevention programs, and intruders from accessing your computer. This guide to install and configure a firewall, explains how.

3. Virus checking
The malicious code, virus infects system files can harm your computer and important data. This guide to find and remove malware, anti-virus program shows how to use.

4. Remove Spyware
Spyware stores of your Internet and can affect the performance of your computer, it also moves malicious code. How to remove malicious spyware and adware remove spyware that explains how to read.

5. Browse more securely
 This browser that guide describes how to install and use.

The latest browsers: Internet Explorer 9, and pop-up blockers and protect you visit phishing websites filter offers safety features such as Firefox


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