Tuesday, May 6, 2014

10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

The Lord is one of the content management system 's most popular and best used by people to build their own web . After making sites , it's also a great platform for blogging . Mostly , every blogger uses WordPress to manage self- hosted their own blog . Word is the NO.1 because it contains useful features wonderful and amazing . The user can perform any type of disk in Word as he wants , but sometimes you may need a self made coding.

Also, reportedly is also perfect in south-eastern Europe . By default , there are no features SEO Word, but many of the SEO WordPress significant additions available that make WordPress SEO easier. So, today we're going to discuss about some SEO Best Wordpress plugins.

Why use SEO WordPress Plugins?

If you are completely new for SEO and also stated specifically with the needs to be read on this section. SEO stands for search engine optimization and webmaster all usually improve the fabric of the search engines in order to get organic search traffic. If you want to pay the high traffic through search engines than you need to improve your search engines on the Internet, while additions help us to improve our blog. Can also be done manually, but SEO in order to save time and do not work properly and responded SEO plugins important to use.

1. WordPress SEO By Yoast
This is one of the SEO Wordpress Plugin the most popular and best what is used by almost blogger . This version comes with both free and premium . WordPress SEO by Yoast enables you to create web pages and blog posts search engine friendly and also improve them to rank better in the SERP . You can call this plugin all -rounder because this plugin everything runs one of the SEO . Most features you will need to with this plugin are maps XML, and analysis of the page, and the dead and the elements of the link, link fixed , bread crumbs , RSS optimization, Google rich snippets , social integration and many others. Other than this , and they are many free guides with video tutorials available on the Internet about the proper use of this plugin

2. All in One SEO Pac
 Last most popular WordPress plugin SEO which has got more than 20 million downloads known as the " All in One SEO Pack ." Some people refer to WordPress SEO by Yoast and some also refer to the all -in-one SEO pack . These additions are higher tend additions. It also proves its name , this plugin has all the advantage that any SEO expert will require. The developers say that this WordPress plugin automatically optimize your site for search engines like Google , Yahoo and Bing . Currently, it has the latest updated version 2.1.3 which has some features including maps XML, program Google Analytics, and URLs Canon advanced navigational links page to refine , and built-in API, and automatically improve the titles and meta tags and many others.

3. SEOPressor
This is the best WordPress SEO plugin that drives the third is not free , but also has some different features of the additions mentioned above. This plugin is better to do SEO on the page of your site and reported these additions seem like a manager who commands you to improve the site and your WordPress properly for the search engines . It gives a recommendation in real-time while writing articles about keyword density , keyword targeting , and meta tags , image optimization, and more improvement and also dozens of on the job after analysis. Try to get the highest score with the use of this plugin to rank better in the search engines . It also gives some suggestions keywords that will help you target keywords and the search for the very best to get traffic.

4. RB Internal Links
Internal linking is an important factor in these days it helps to call the crawler to crawl your website more and more of the time . Interconnection helps you also to target keywords easily and arranging the best in the SERP . RB internal links looks good and also popular WordPress plugin SEO that will help you do the internal connectivity of the site and your WordPress easily . Unfortunately , this has not been updated plugin for 2 years , but it may still run cool .This plugin does not make use of URLs or fixed Permalinks to do but connect the internal user IDs and add the page to the interconnection , which is a great thing indeed . If he gets time to change the URL in the sudden wont which affects the internal links because this plugin uses IDs and saves of 404 error pages .

5. Google XML Sitemaps:
The presence of the great XML maps that may bring new jobs and Bing Google an important indicator for each site or blog. Wordpress Plugins lab lets you plugin that creates exclusive sitemaps XML from your WordPress site specifically for Google. Would you do if Google is the acceptance of such maps that other search engines may do so. This plugin has the latest version 3.4, which is absolutely free for download. Google Maps XML exchanging hands with you to easily create maps create XML in any of these functions, and pages and pages by categories can be included and you will have full control of them to moderate.

6. SEO Friendly Images 
The images are also important content on our sites because they help us to improve the user interface, and Beauty blog and also use it as the " Content " purpose. Also, search engines are also always interested in great pictures in which they found while crawling web pages. You may have seen the image search engines and you know where they get those pictures ? These pictures are taken also of our web pages such as that used images. Well , the images in our sites and can also be optimized for the search engines to rank better in the search for the images. SEO Friendly Images lets you improve your photos with the alternative title automatically . In fact , it may take the name of the image as an alternative and the title tag .

7. Scribe For WordPress
Author Lord is the most powerful WordPress SEO plugin else that comes with the premium version only . This plugin gives you some powerful content marketing tools that help you create ever killer content directly from your editor Last Word . This plugin is great for business and also for personal blog too small .Content that was created with the help of this plugin certainly go viral and help your blog to increase page rank , domain authority , page authority and some other important SEO factors . It also makes a mean content that is suitable for search engines completely. After this SEO plugin is also useful for the purpose of social promotion as there are also some useful tools that help you to easily driving traffic through social media networks.

8. SEO Rank Reporter
Track search engine rankings are not as important as sometimes low rank can lose energy to work harder , but in some cases also a high rank enhances our energy to work even more difficult. Well , the thing that I do is just focus on creating more and more content the only one who actually helps pay for each type of traffic. If you are interested to be a track search engine rankings of your This is a powerful plugin for you that will give you reports respectively. This plugin displays the data in the chart , and it also has some more jobs. It gives you a report every 3 days. In the free version and the latest is 2.2.

9. Simple 301 Redirects
You have to redirect a large list of 404 pages or URL addresses break? This plugin has made it easy for everyone who does not know how to edit and redirect URLs manually through the file htaccess. Its very tough to do a 301 redirect through. Htaccess and also needs to know a lot about coding. But who cares if you have a simple 301 redirects Assistant. You can easily redirect a large number of URL addresses with the 301 type ..

10. Googlyzer
Do you use Google Analytics to track visitors analysis? There is no doubt, is the best Google Analytics is a tool to calculate the visitors but you can not get tired of going out again and again from the dashboard and your Wordpress to review these reports? Googlyzer making it easy to check reports of Google Analytics directly from Word to your dashboard. This plugin helps you to integrate Google Analytics data and displayed in the dashboard. You can install the tracking code, and verification of reports and graph multiple reporting also create widgets with this plugin.


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