Tuesday, April 2, 2013

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Against hackers protect their messaging and Facebook ID

Your Password never share with anyone.

1. Uper small numbers and special characters for passwords use a combination.

2. Your name, or by telephone Do not use a password. Or company name:

3. Never click on a link to a third unknown suspect in an email from senders.

4. Any third party sites for service to never give your password.

5. Different password for different accounts use.

6. Login before you check their website URL. EX: http://www.facebook.com Connect URL bank account before the check to solve. http://www.facebook.anysite.com as never log in on the website

7. Secondary e-mail addresses and phone numbers, use secret question for account recovery.

8. A JavaScript code in the URL you have never used e-mail account or any other linked web site. This could be a script cookie thief.

9. Firewall with antivirus software and malware using the latest version.


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